If you look among cute internet animal breeds, all you'll find are dogs. That's not to say they aren't sweet, but we think that cats deserve some of the limelight as well. Cats are generally calmer, cleaner, and more dignified than dogs. Their charm is in their grace. 

So, without further ado, our DhohOo team has listed you the most cute cat breeds that are trending in 2020.


Persians have the dignity and poise of royalty that enchants the eyes of every onlooker. Their docile personality means they are known for being quiet and sweet.

Their royal aura isn't just in their looks; they have an attitude to match. They are not necessarily the quickest to scratch or hiss; however, they’ll probably get annoyed by loud pets or children.

If you treat the Persian cat with the tenderness and dignity it deserves, you will find your reward in a warm feline that enjoys sitting in your lap for a good petting. All they ask for is a serene environment, regular meals and some playtime using a feather teaser or catnip mouse.

Oh, and lots of love. Something they will return a hundred-fold.


Our soft and sweet feline has a majestic origin legend. Known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, it’s said to have attained its prominent look from the blessings of a blue-eyed goddess. As per the legend, she rewarded a temple’s cat with blue eyes and a golden coat for her love and devotion for its priest. The goddess left its paws white to symbolize its purity.

 Legend says that priests who died were reborn into the cats’ bodies and the Birmans have carried the goddess’s grace ever since.

A magical story for a mesmerizing cat breed. They have soft voices and are generally docile cats that will follow people around everywhere they go. The Birmans can still be troublemakers, though, so keep an eye on them.

We think that its legend of origin was more than enough to get this cat on this list of cute cat breeds.


Enchanting blue eyes, a coat that rivals the softest blankets and an innate love for cuddles. It’s easy to see why the Ragdoll is on our list on trendy cat breeds. Often dubbed the ‘puppy cats’, they are one the most friendly and playful cat breeds around. They get along well with other pets and love playtimes!

Here’s another benefit of being a Ragdoll owner: these cats do not have an insulating undercoat, which means that you get reduced shedding! Truly a blessed cat breed.


We don’t even need to explain this one, the name itself is cute! The Ragamuffin is a big baby that loves to relax in your lap and arms. They are popular for their cool nature and a distinct love for pets. Ragamuffins enjoy playtime but are responsible about limiting their shenanigans to their scratching posts and toys rather than your furniture. We’ve never seen one lay a claw on a human and they’re great with kids.

These cats need attention so don’t get one if you’re going to leave it alone for many hours a day.

American Curl

The Curl was given the name for its uniquely-shaped ears that curl backwards. It’s perky little face and curious demeanor make it an instant favorite for cat lovers everywhere. Interestingly, they are born with straight ears that only begin to curl a week after birth.

It’s a people-loving cat, which is not that common among cats, that seeks attention and follows people around. They are often dubbed as the ‘Peter Pan’ cats because of their tendency to act like kittens even as adults.

If you want a loving and mellow cat, you can’t go wrong with a Curl.


We've got to the biggest troublemaker on this list. If you're a gung-ho type of person, the Burmilla is your perfect partner. Adventurous and curious with a whole lot of energy, Burmilla can be dorks sometimes and be a bit clumsy, so stow away anything that might break.

They love lap pets, but don’t aggressively crave your attention throughout the day.

Quick tip: don’t leave your keys out and about or you’ll find yourself in a game of cat and mouse.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons originate from Maine and are popular farm cats, mousers and ship’s cats since the 19th century. They are often dubbed as ‘gentle giants’ for their popular use as therapy pets.

Maine Coons are the biggest cats on our list of cute cat breeds. I’m not exaggerating when I say big, the world record holder for longest house cat is a Maine Coon that grew over four feet long!

It’s not all about size, though. They adapt easily, don’t ask for too much attention and still have their natural ability as mousers. They retain their love to play, even in adulthood and can be quite funky sometimes in their behavior. Main Coons are definitely not boring cats.

If you can handle its plus size, the Main Coon can be a perfect new member of the family.

Turkish Angora

Don’t be fooled by its graceful and elegant appearance. The Turkish Angora is a surprising package of vigor and intelligence. No shelf is too high for them and no drawers are safe from being opened by their paws.

The Turkey is an energetic and rowdy species with an unrivaled cunningness that makes them eternally entertaining. They love to play and are one of our trendy cat breeds that need the most attention, which they get by doing anything and everything.

So, there you have it. Cats are the royalty of pets and their demeanor demands that you love them. Who do you think would get your vote out of these cute cat breeds?