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Groom your dog with Softcatfood's selection of dog grooming supplies & dog grooming tools including clippers, brushes & more.
Product Summary: Wahl® Figura Rechargeable ClipperWith its amazing power at up to 6,000 strokes per minute with 90 minutes of cordless runtime, the Wahl® Figura Clipper is perfect for feet, face, and finish work on all breeds of horses. It has an ergonomic design and slim, contoured body for comfort..
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Product Summary: Wahl® KM10® Professional 2-Speed Brushless Motor Clipper KitThe KM10® is a professional two-speed brushless motor clipper with maximum power and torque, constant speed control, and ergonomic design for increased comfort and control. Its revolutionary new brushless motor technology m..
Ex Tax:$249.95
Product Summary: Wahl Mini Arco Clipper Replacement Blade Size 30 Keep your Wahl Mini Arco clipping like brand new with a #30 replacement blade. Ideal for precision trimming around the face, ears and feet.   Features: ·         Great for touch ups·         Able to be sharpened·         Fixed positio..
Ex Tax:$29.95
Product Summary: Wahl® MiniArco™ TrimmerThe Wahl® MiniArco™ Trimmer is a smaller version of the Arco SE, with the added option of switching to corded use. Perfect for trimming around the face, feet, ears, and muzzle, weighing only 5 oz. and measuring just 5½" in length, it has a 1½" cutting head wit..
Ex Tax:$96.45
Product Summary: Wahl® MiniFigura Power Lithium Ion TrimmerThe Wahl® MiniFigura Power Lithium Ion Trimmer is a powerful cool running rechargeable trimmer with 75 minutes of cordless operation and only a 60-minute full-charge time. Quiet and lightweight, the MiniFigura has a powerful 6,000 strokes pe..
Ex Tax:$57.77
Product Summary: Wahl® Pocket Pro® TrimmerThe Wahl® Pocket Pro® Trimmer helps you trim your horse with precision, especially when you need to clip rather close to the skin. This portable, battery operated trimmer is easy to maneuver and ideal for working around the eyes and muzzle. Two different att..
Ex Tax:$20.10
Product Summary: Wahl Replacement 5-in-1 Coarse Blade   Replacement Blade for Wahl ARCO SE, Bravura, Chromado & Li+Pro clippers This is a standard '5 in 1' blade. It is meant to be used on animals with coarse hair and it easily adjusts to blade sizes #9, #10, #15, #30 and #40. It is sold as a replac..
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Product Summary: Wahl Stainless Steel Clipper Guide Combs Set of 8 The Wahl Stainless Steel Clipper Guide Combs Set is a necessity for all your grooming needs.  The convenient professional attachment guide combs are the perfect accessory for grooming pet and coats of all types.  The stainless steel ..
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Product Summary: Wahl Standard Clipper Blade Multi-Purpose Standard Adjustable Blade by Wahl.   Works well for legs, fetlocks and bridle paths. Features Cut length of 3/64" - 3/32" Satin Chrome Corrosion inhibitive Finish  Item Specifications Size:#30, #15 and #10 (adjustable) Note: Can be used with..
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Product Summary: Wahl® Super Pocket Pro Pet Grooming Clipper Wahl’s® Super Pocket Pro® has a new and improved anti-slip grip and durable chrome body that is slightly larger than the original PocketPro while being quieter and more powerful than ever before. The Super Pocket Pro is a light duty trimme..
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Product Summary: Wahl® Ultimate Pet Grooming Blade Wahl's Ultimate Series is unlike any other in the world, and has several patents pending on it. Its sleek and shiny finish makes it rust resistant. Performance is designed to groom more efficiently.  Features: Increased feed capacity allows hair to ..
Ex Tax:$32.95
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