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Groom your dog with Softcatfood's selection of dog grooming supplies & dog grooming tools including clippers, brushes & more.
Product Summary: Oster PowerMax 2 Speed Clipper with #10 Blade You will find the Oster® PowerMaxTM 2-Speed Clipper to be one of the lightest clippers in its class. This clipper has an ultra lightweight contoured, soft comfort grip, which will stay cool during operation.  Maximum power, maximum comfo..
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Product Summary: Oster Premium Lubricating Oil for ClippersA non-detergent oil developed for use on Oster Clippers. Item Specifications:Size: 4 oz...
Ex Tax:$4.75
Product Summary: Oster® Spray Disinfectant for Clippers You’d never know there were animals around with a few pumps of this magic spray. The Oster® Spray Disinfectant helps to prevent both mold and mildew.  It also kills most germs and has a clean fresh scent that effectively eliminates odors.  Feat..
Ex Tax:$12.09
Product Summary: Oster Turbo A5 2 Speed Dog Clippers with #10 Blade The toughest work conditions are no match for the Oster Turbo A5 2 Speed clippers.   These powerful clippers offer faster blade speeds and wider blade sweeps, along with better airflow and less noise during grooming. Virtually unbre..
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Product Summary: OsterTurbo A5 2 Speed Clipper Kit Increased blade speed coupled with the new CryoTech™ Blades makethe Turbo A5® clippers more efficient than ever. The 7-1 gear ratio providesfor more powerful clipping. They give you both comfort and versatility with thepowerful, cooler-running Unive..
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Product Summary: Perfect Coat Dog Deodorizing Bath Wipes Cleaning tough odors is never out of style. That's why Perfect Coat Dog Deodorizing Bath Wipes are ideal to have on hand for in between baths. They help reduce dirt that traps odors while simultaneously conditioning for healthy skin and coat. ..
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Product Summary: Miracle Coat® QuickFinder® deluxe™ Large Dog Nail ClipperThe QuickFinder® deluxe™ Nail Clipper makes trimming your dog’s nails safer and easier by using its revolutionary QuickSensor™ Technology so as to avoid cutting the quick.The QuickFinder® deluxe™ Nail Clipper does this through..
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Product Summary: Safari Dog Grooming CombThe Safari Dog Grooming Comb is a great all-purpose grooming tool, helping to remove mats, tangles and loose hair. The wide and narrow spacing of the teeth enable complete grooming, penetrating all the way to the root of the hair, while their smooth, rounded ..
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Product Summary: Safari Long Tooth Undercoat Dog RakeDesigned for breeds with thick, heavy coats and with undercoats, the precision tapered pins of this rake penetrate deep into your dog’s coat to remove loose undercoat. When used regularly, it helps prevent matting. Apply minimal pressure when usin..
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Product Summary: Product Summary:Safari Pet Diamond Nail File Your pet’s nails should be filed regularly, especially after a nail trimming. Properly trimming and filing nails is important to your pet’s comfort and health. Holding the toe firmly, file in a smooth stroke on the tip of the nail. File f..
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Product Summary: Safari® Pet Safety Scissors Safari® Pet Safety Scissors are ideal for touch-ups between grooming visits and trimming hair around the eyes, face, ears, and paws. Quality stainless steel blades ensure a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. Rounded ends on the blades provide the safety ne..
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Product Summary: Skunk Off Pet ShampooEliminate skunk odor with safe and effective Skunk Off Shampoo. Non-drying, gentle formula neutralizes odors. Safe for puppies and kittens over 8 weeks old.Product Features: It is a mild and tearless shampoo specially formulated to eliminate skunk odor safely an..
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