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Groom your dog with Softcatfood's selection of dog grooming supplies & dog grooming tools including clippers, brushes & more.
Product Summary: Oster® A6® Clipper The lightweight A6®  Heavy Duty Clipper with Detachable #10 Blade has it all: power, performance and minimal noise.  With minimal vibration and an ergonomic design, it minimizes hand fatigue while it's high efficiency motor provides a cooler running experience. Fe..
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Product Summary: Oster® Blade Wash® for Clippers Sharp move using Oster® Blade Wash® to clean your blades! It easily flushes away hair that accumulates on blades and is also superb for lubricating blades and removing factory-applied preservatives.  Features: ·         Easily flush away hair that acc..
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Product Summary: Clipmaster® Clipper Blade Combo Pack  Keep your Oster® ClipMaster Clippers running like new with replacement blades. Medium blades fit both the Variable and Single-Speed models. Great for full-body stripdowns and heavily matted coats. Combo Pack includes both top and bottom blades. ..
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Product Summary: Oster ClipMaster Variable Speed ClipperThe Oster ClipMaster is perfect for detailed clipping on horses, lambs, and cattle. Lightweight, cool-running, versatile Oster Clipmaster Clippers will get the job done quickly and efficiently, with infinite speed settings and an adjustable ten..
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Product Summary: Oster Cryogen-X Pet Clipper BladesGroomers Favorite Blades! Oster® is the first blade manufacturer to incorporate AgION® antimicrobial into the surface of the CryogenX™ blades. AgION® antimicrobial uses silver, a powerful metal ion, as the active ingredient to effectively control th..
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Product Summary: Oster Elite Cryogen-X Pet Clipper Blades Groomers Favorite Clipper Blade! Oster® is the first blade manufacturer to incorporate AgION® antimicrobial into the surface of the CryogenX™ blades. AgION® antimicrobial uses silver, a powerful metal ion, as the active ingredient to effectiv..
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Product Summary: Oster Whisper Quiet Finisher Trimmer for Pets The Oster Finisher Trimmer for Pets has a whisper quiet motor with a narrow blade. A small trimmer, it is great for the ears, eyes, face and feet. Comfortable to use and calming to the animal. Narrow 1" blade is great for precision edgin..
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Product Summary: Oster Gentle Paws Nail GrinderThe Gentle Paws™ Nail Grinder provides a fast, gentle, and stress-free way to trim your pet’s nails. The rotating head gently files nails quickly and pain-free. The convenient cordless operation allows you to use it anywhere, yet it's strong enough to w..
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Product Summary: Oster Golden A5 2 Speed Dog Clippers w/ 10 Blade  The Oster® Golden A5® 2 Speed Dog Clipper comes with a turbo-powered motor that generates a higher strokes per minute and has more torque than the Oster® Golden A5® Single Speed Clipper. "Normal" speed is for general purpose clipping..
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Product Summary: Oster Golden A5 Dog Hair Clippers  When you're looking for an economical, reliable dog clipper the Oster® Golden A5® Single Speed Clipper has been the industry standard for years.  Single speed dog clippers wear out less frequently than 2 speed or variable dog clippers. The Oster® G..
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Product Summary: Oster® Kool Lube for Clippers You’re just one spray away from cooling, lubricating and cleaning your clippers with Kool Lube® from Oster®. One of the best products available to quickly cool clipper blades, this efficient spray also reduces friction, heat and blade wear.   Features: ..
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Product Summary: Oster PowerPro Ultra Cordless Clipper With #10 Blade Imagine the same powerful, heavy duty professional cutting performance you are used to with Oster® clippers, packaged in one easy to use, lighter, longer-lasting cordless number that delivers optimized cutting performance – the ul..
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