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Miracle Care Double Sided Pet Brush

Miracle Care Double Sided Pet Brush
Miracle Care Double Sided Pet Brush

Product Summary:

Miracle Coat® Double Sided Pet Brush

Miracle Coat® Double Sided Pet Brush features a double-sided brush head. The wire pins with comfort coating loosens and removes hair while the soft bristle head distributes natural oils in your pet’s coat making it shiny and healthy. The Double-sided Pet Brush works great on both dogs and cats with smooth coats and is a great for everyday grooming.

Double-sided brush heads
Wire pin brush head features comfort coating and loosens, removes hair and untangles minor mats
High quality stainless steel for long life
Soft bristle brush head helps to distribute natural oils to keep coat shiny and healthy
Santoprene® handle for a comfortable non-slip grip that helps to reduce hand and wrist strained
Designed by premium pet care specialists

Item Specifications:

For Use:
On dogs and cats with short light to medium coats for everyday grooming and maintenance

Item Dimensions:
Small: (4.25” x 12” x 2.25”)
Large: (4.25” x 12x 2.25”)


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