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Keep your dog healthy with health products like dog supplements, vitamins, wormers, treadmills & first aid kits from Softcatfood.
Product Summary: 3 Ply Surgical Mask 50 CountWe are able to provide these masks to you through our long-time relationship with our partner Kelly Herd.These 3-ply disposable face masks provide valuable protection against dust, germs, allergens and more.  They feature a breathable design with soft and..
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Product Summary:  3M™ Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape 3 inch x 5 yd Case of 6Durable, conformable tape for use in securing bandages and other applications.Features: Strong and durable Convenient Adheres to skin and hair Item Specifications:Manufacturer Model No:  1363Size:  3 inch x 5 yard (when st..
Ex Tax:$60.00
Product Summary: 3M™ Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape 2" x 3 yd Case of 6 Strong tape for use in securing bandages and other applications. Features: Convenient Durable and strong Adheres to skin and hair Size: 2 inch x 3 yard (5 cm x 2.7m).Recommended to store in a cool dry place...
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Product Summary: 3M Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape 4 inch x 3 yard Case of 6 Strong, conformable tape for securing bandages and other applications. Convenient, custom fit around hard-to-tape areas.  Features: Durable, Strong Backing. Adheres To Hair And Skin Item Specifications:Size: 4in x 3 yd..
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Product Summary: Absorbine Sani-Pet Antiseptic SprayEven with best intentions, the reality is that dogs are likely coming into contact with other dogs or people while outside our homes.  Germs and bacteria can be carried back on their coats, allowing potential transmission to our homes and family.  ..
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Product Summary: Cetyl M dramatically improves your dogs comfort, mobility, agility and happiness - even after years of glucosamine treatments. Dogs with hip dysplasia and all forms of arthritis have enjoyed excellent results. Feeding Cetyl M to younger dogs can also help prevent the onset of joint ..
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Product Summary: Alpar For-Bid Packet Alpar For-Bid is used to treat coprophagy (stool eating) in dogs. Sprinkle it on food to make stools highly unpalatable so your pet will avoid eating stool. Vegetable protein and sodium glutamate work in the digestive system to give stools a bad taste.Note: This..
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Product Summary: Anti Bacterial Hand SanitizerWe are able to provide this item to you through our long-time relationship with our partner Kelly Herd.F'TSY Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer is ideal to have on hand.  This alcohol based gel sanitizer kills germs without water.  It is made from 75% Ethanol..
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Product Summary: Anxitane Chewable TabletsAnxitane® Chewable Tablets contain pure L-Theanine, also known as Suntheanine®, an amino acid that acts neurologically to help keep dogs calm, relaxed, and well behaved. Clinically proven as a first-line treatment option along with behavioral training modifi..
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Product Summary: NaturVet® ArthriSoothe-GOLD™ Dog Tablets: Stage 3 Advanced CareAll NaturVet® Hip and Joint Care products were formulated by the renowned Dr. Pedro Rivera of Healing Oasis Veterinary Hospital. Each product was scientifically formulated to fulfill the specific needs typically encounte..
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Product Summary: Aspen Mineral Oil     A mild laxative for the lubrication of the intestinal tract. Not recommended for frequent repeat or extended repeated administration. If condition persists consult veterinarian.  Features: Economical, mild laxative Can be used for horses, cattle, sheep, swine,..
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Product Summary: Bactericidal Wipes 50 Count Bag 4 PackWe are able to provide this item to you through our long-time relationship with our partner Kelly Herd.Bactericidal Wipes are a great item to have on hand.  These antibacterial disposable wipes are conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch.  T..
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